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The RoK Library

Welcome to the Library.

You can enter the several sections of the library by clicking on the sections above. At this time, only the Valorn section is available. More sections will be added soon.

While the library contains a wide variety of topics, it’s main purpose has always been to keep a record of in-game events. Over time a lot of knowledge gets lost in game. And while a memories of ‘recent events’ are often the topic of conversation in the Valornian inns, it is unavoidable that memory fades as more and more marcs pass. People often remember certain events took place, but the details get vague.

The library has actually existed since 2008 on the RoK-forum. For a long while, I hesitated wether the library should be fully public or not. Hesitant because it might take away roleplay opportunities for people who were present during the events. However, over the years it is clear that so few people actively remember certain events that it seems more valuable to safeguard the knowledge of the past. Nevertheless, the library will never be complete. There will allways be knowledge and details that are lost forever and other knowledge that lies fresh in the memory of the adventurers, so it doesn't need to be recorded yet.

In any case, If you wish to share comments or knowledge about in-game history, or if you wish to write your own tome to add to the library (your name will of course be added as the author of the tome), please contact me by pm on the Remnants of Kimald forum.
Finally, I want to emphasize that what is recorded on these pages is not 'official' game lore. A lot of statements and facts in the library are based on posts from Ben and Cory on the DG-forums, so they can be considered as based upon an official source. However, I do not claim that all my personal interpretations and assumptions are correct, so I want to make it absolutely clear that the library entries themselves are not an official resource.

I hope you enjoy the library,