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the gods
...the Zombie Masher
Known for killing a great number of zombies.
  • Corum the Zombie Masher
  • That is a long tale, but here is the abridged version, told to me straight from Corum the Zombie Masher himself. *grins delightedly* Thanks my friend! =)

    When he was but a wee lil’ man of level 7, Corum had great blood lust for killing zeds. One day he was in an Inn, poking and prodding a few sleeping clerics to wake them so that he might be blessed before his trip to go "mash" some more zombies - but those lazy clerics wouldn't wake!

    Luckily for Corum, Mighty God Ben himself was watching over, and he blessed him and sent him on his happy way!

    6 marks later little Corum left the cellar with 200 zombie heads, a new level and the title of “The Zombie Masher”
    ~by Ellyana lilli