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the gods
...the Virtuoso
An exceptional musician.
  • Royal Minstrel Steelthunder the Virtuoso

  • ...the Virtuous
    Someone who displays a moral goodness in how she lives her life.
  • Reesa Ambernight the Virtuous
  • Recently Reesa happened to be in the company of the Vicountessa Miranda. Reesa asked how she could be of assistance. Miranda, looking thoughtfully at Reesa, responded that "You always are, Reesa." Next thing she knew she had been honored with the title "Virtuous".

    However, even though I can not tell what the gods are thinking, I like to think that the gods having looked upon her and the way she lives her life and the helping others and decided that all of Valorn know who she is.

    For the word of virtuous show the person has a moral goodness. A fitting title as any who know her or have had the chance to cross her path can attest.

    With or without the title Reesa has always been Virtuous in my eyes.
    ~by Narian