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the gods
...the Unhearing
Called so due to his lack of attentiveness toward a god.
  • Marvin the Unhearing
  • It all took place quite some time ago, after the finding of some shards from destruction of the High King Deek’s Life Monument. Many gathered at the inn where the god Darren appeared addressing those gathered as to what they should do.

    Preoccupied with the sending of out owls carrying messages, Marvin asked Darren if he could repeat what he had just told them. Not a good thing at all to raise ire of a god for this is what the question did. It was heard the god rebuke Marvin saying, ‘If you don’t know how to listen you may as well be unhearing.’ (The words were along those lines and they may not be exactly the words said) From that day on he carried with him the moniker of ‘Unhearing’.

    There may be a moral to be learned from this. That is to listen closely and mind your tongue when in the presence of a god.
    ~by Narian

    … the Unsartorial
    The word sartorial refers to clothing in general.
  • Zanaan the Unsartorial
  • Some may say he received this title for a questionable fashion sense.
    ~by Narian