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the gods
Someone who has displayed a knowledge in an area.
  • Scholar Dirk Dragonstale
  • Scholar Dirk Dragonstale was given the title by God Ben for correctly pronouncing phonetically N'rolav ..... weird !!!
    ~by Bebhinn

    ...Servant of Light
  • Steel Chef Cerberus Servant of Light

  • … the Seamstress
    Denoting the persons profession. A woman skilled in the art of sewing.
  • (NPC) Mildred the Seamstress

  • ...the Shining
    Brilliance, or having a excellence or admirable quality, or having a radiant quality.
  • Iron Knight Raffe Rychmin the Shining
  • TThis is one of the few stories I did not get first hand.

    By looking at Raffe you can see why he is known as '...the Shining'.

    Besides keeping himself and clothing in pristine condition, he always polishes his armor until it shines as good or, as some would say, better than new.

    Raffe displays many of the other qualities of 'shining' but it is for his appearance he is known.

    Soon after winning the ' PICTURE IT ' contest 2, a continuation of Ben's original contest by Viscontessa Miranda, Raffe recieved the title.
    ~by Narian

    A respectful male title, usually reserved for someone of stature like a knight.
  • (NPC) Sir Thunk the Fierce

  • ...the Sly
    One of the four earliest titles that were given. Sly was given to rogues upon their declaration of profession. The other three are …the Fierce, …the Holy, and …the Powerful.
  • Ixon Fier the Sly
  • Orion the Sly
  • Maldreen the Sly
  • Karyan the Sly
  • Alandriel the Sly

  • Squire...
    Apprentice knight.
  • Squire Boy Svalbard
  • Squire Meriel Lightfellow

  • Steel Chef...
    The cook and founder of Cerbie’s.
  • Steel Chef Cerberus Servant of Light

  • ...the Story Teller
  • Maria D. A. Lanoovre the Storyteller