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the gods
Regent General...
Is the royal authority, aside from the royal family.
  • (NPC) Regent General Kratos Gaelus Amphion

  • Royal Cartographer...
    The mapmaker to the royal family.
  • Royal Cartographer Morris
  • Many in Valorn seem to be directionally challenged from time to time. A friend of Morris', Sylent One, suffered from this ailment more oft times than some. After giving his friend many directions Morris he decided upon making of some maps to help his friend from loosing her way.

    These maps were so well done that many people in the land started using them. So much so that even the Royal Court began to take notice. The Court seeing the accuracy and skill behind the maps offered Morris the job and title that came with it in becoming the 'Royal Cartographer'.

    To this day you can still see people carrying some of his maps.
    ~by Narian

    Royal Minstrel...
    Traveling musician to the royal family.
  • Royal Minstrel Steelthunder the Virtuoso