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the gods
...the Patient
This person has displayed the capacity of being able to persevere with a calmness when interacting with others.
  • Bella Anna the Patient
  • Once there was a young initiate that not many liked because he was a mooch and disrespectful and unkind to others. At a close friend of Bellas bonding, this person kept interrupting Bella Anna’s gift – a poem which she had written and was reading to the couple.

    Everyone was quite upset and wouldn’t have anything to do with this person after, but Bella tried to teach him how to fit in and she gave him potions and armor and advice to help him, and he became a better person and learned how to live better with others in Valorn. Unknown to Bella Anna the Gods were there watching as all this went on, and they gave her the title the Patient.

    Hhmm... I’ve had quite a similar experience myself!! *chuckles*
    ~by Ellyana Lilli

    Before Bella Anna founded New Era she was a member of the Way of the Just. There she sought to follow the examples of many of her fellow members.

    When a newcomer enters Valorn there are many willing to offer a hand though some may not yet be readily willing to receive it. The gods one day gifted her with the designation of ‘the patient’ for her persistence to reach these newcomers.

    And that is how she gained the title of Patient.
    ~by Narian

    ...the Perceptive
    Is an observsant person.
  • Pallas the Perceptive
  • It is safe to say that I have know Pallas for a while now... Pallas has always demonstrated that he is one of the most observant people in Valorn.

    During the time of darkness he was one of those who found a sunrifter shard but it was shortly after the nights of mysterious bandits that he became known as ‘the Perceptive’. During this time he was one of the key figures in discovering and thwarting the plans of the bandits.

    Unknown to him while he was making his observations the gods were observing him. For they declared that he was to be known as …the Perceptive. A moniker that he aspires to each day.
    ~by Narian

    ...the Persistent
  • Aesclapius the Persistent

  • ...the Poet
    Is a skilled writer of poems.
  • Topaz the Poet
  • You would not normally think a warrior would be good in poetry but a most fitting title. Simply put soon after she finished composing a poem, in five parts, bout the Quest for the Seals she was gifted the title of 'the Poet' by the gods.
    ~by Narian

    ...the Portal Walker
    Has an aptitude for the creation of portals for quick traveling for himself as well as others..
  • Anu Shadowryder the Portal Walker
  • In the Swashbuckler I was able to have a conversation with Anu Shadowryder where he shared how he came to be known as ‘the Portal Walker’.

    This story is a story inside of a story as many tend to be. It took place long ago. When Anu was known only as Shadow Ryder.

    When the Queen was known as Iron Knight Cordelia. Anu had opened portals for her a number of time and a few after she became Queen. That much is true but Anu speculates the Queen may have had something to do with his being called ‘Portal Walker’. As she had once mentioned that he be called portal caster, probably in jest. But I will have to come back to this part.

    One day Anu was summoned in front of the god Ben to a cell along side a guild sister. He had done nothing wrong to his knowledge. His guild sister was there because she needed a new name. Anu tried to help her in this endeavor. Ben saw that ‘Shadow Ryder’ seemed to be a lot like a title so he decided to remedy the situation there. From that day forth he became known as Anu Shadowryder. Though to know the true reasoning you would have to ask the Ben. After which they both were released back into Valorn.

    Now back to the title. Anu did not realize he had been given the title of ‘Portal Walker’ until conversations with his guild mates. It is his suspicion that High Queen Cordelia had something to do with the matter. Perhaps he was mentioned in one of Cordelia’s prayers to Ben. That is what he suspects.

    A fitting title indeed.
    ~by Narian

    ...the Powerful
    One of the four earliest titles that were given. Powerful was given to enchanters upon their declaration of profession. The other three are …the Fierce, …the Holy, and …the Sly.
  • Savage Shay the Powerful
  • High King Deek the Powerful
  • Quynar the Powerful
  • Dragon Lancer the Powerful
  • Kronik the Powerful

  • ...the Pure
    Given for his work in the Purification Ceremony.
  • Talisk Blademaker the Pure
  • I was able to have a short conversation with Talisk through messenger where he was gracious enough to share why he may be called the Pure. He was uncertain of the reasoning behind being called ‘the Pure’ yet believes it had something to do with a conversation.

    Talisk asked, Elijah, T'yandra, and Goddess Xia, bout ‘defeating ultimate evil’. He did not find a answer to this question instead, like many questions, it lead down another path. The unification of Valorn. He was told that when they were able to unite together without the need for individual gain that then they could defeat evil, turning it back. A most difficult task to say the least.

    The Purification Ceremony arose from this. Something for all Valorn. Talisk, along with others, helped with the ceremony. In short Valorn did come together in unity purifying themselves. Even when Balthazar unexpectedly appeared he let them be, leaving those gathered unarmed.

    Those be the events behind him being called 'the Pure'.
    ~by Narian