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the gods
Lady... / Lord...
A title given to those of stature according to whether one is male or female. The one who is the highest in stature has the title of ‘High’ preceding.

  • Leetle Jimmy Kitten

  • ...the Legendary
  • The Intrepid JKD the Legendary (previously known as The Intrepid JKD the Marked)

  • ...the Lightbearer
    Was gifted the title from his depiction of the building of the gods.
  • Korba the Lightbearer (later known as Korba the Faithful)
  • In a discussion with Korba in the Holy Order of Light he shared with me how he received the title of Lightbearer.

    Though it may not be as exciting or glamorous as some the god Lord Worldbuilder Ben of Admin held a contest where the contestants would draw the Building of Glass. Korba was the winner of the contest, best depicting what Ben's vision during it's creation.

    However the title has a link to another contest he won. Korba received the Ring of Levity for making Xia laugh, not an easy feet but Korba said it had more to do with luck in both cases. The ring had the inscription 'Let there be Light' upon it. Ben granted him with the title Lightbearer and has born the title since.

    The winning depiction can be found on both page one (posted by Korba) and two (posted by Ben) in contest #1 of Contests and Events of the DG forum.
    ~by Narian

    Creator of a list, similar to a family ancestry, which is linked through profession.
  • Lineagist Urkki
  • You probably know who mentored you into your profession but have you ever wondered who influenced their skills?

    Providing a valuable service to Valorn Urkki, along with others, have compiled a book of names and professions where much like a tree you can trace your branch back it’s roots.

    Perhaps you will find your lineage is an honourable or infamous one.
    ~by Narian

    ...the Loyal
    This persons remains faithful.
  • Rona Moonwind the Loyal