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the gods
...the Iconic
Someone that has put faces to items and creatures in Trinald.
  • Iron Knight Purazon the Iconic

  • ...the Impavid
  • Kouzan Mogul the Impavid

  • The Intrepid...
    One who is courageous.
  • The Intrepid JKD the Marked (later known as The Intrepid JKD the Legendary)
  • The Intrepid JKD the Legendary (previously known as The Intrepid JKD the Marked)

  • Iron Knight...
    An order charged with the protection of Valorn and her royal family.
  • (NPC) High Queen Cordelia
  • (NPC) Iron Knight Gunthield
  • (NPC) Iron Knight Macleon
  • Iron Knight Islander the Demon Slayer
  • Iron Knight Purazon the Iconic
  • Iron Knight Cyno
  • Iron Knight Renoch Blosno
  • Iron Knight Sreip Enudreklaw
  • Iron Knight Wallace Nite
  • Iron Knight Raffe Rychmin the Shining
  • Iron Knight Alfin Slowhand
  • Iron Knight Viktor Blackheart
  • Iron Knight Hojo Musachi
  • Iron Knight Azure Greenhills the Fable-Teller
  • Iron Knight Valera