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the gods
High Cleric...
The head of the temples.
  • (NPC) High Cleric Elijah The Holy

  • High King...
    The male ruler of a kingdom.
  • High King Deek The Powerful

  • High Queen...
    The female ruler of a Kingdom.
  • (NPC) High Queen Cordelia

  • ...the Holy
    One of the four earliest titles that were given. Holy was given to clerics upon their declaration of profession. The other three are …the Fierce, …the Powerful, and …the Sly.
  • Omnitrus the Holy
  • Stax the Holy
  • Rendotts the Holy
  • In the elder years or in younger days, depending upon your perspective, many were given a title when they declared a profession.

    Rendotts was one of these. Upon taking the vows of faith he became known as one of ‘the Holy’ ones.
    ~by Narian

  • Yan the Holy
  • Judas the Holy
  • (NPC) High Cleric Elijah the Holy
  • Kraken the Holy
  • (NPC) T'yandra Stallheart the Holy

  • Holy Empress...
    The female ruler of an Empire.
  • (NPC) Holy Empress Arelia Muriel

  • Holy Warrior...
    This is someone who fights in their faith.
  • Holy Warrior Doyle

  • ...the Humble
    A title showing someone who is modest yet respectful.
  • Venus Darkmoon the Humble
  • Dhvorjiack Rend the Humble