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the gods
...the Fable-Teller
Tells tales of quality that range from fanciful to tales of legend.
  • Iron Knight Azure Greenhills the Fable-Teller
  • There are many words that have been used to describe the blue knight, Azure Greenhills, or as I have come to call her Az. Wise, yes… Fast, undoubtedly… Yet none quite as fitting as ‘Fable-Teller’.

    Azure became known to all as ‘the Fable-Teller’ in Cerbies Grill. At the Grill she was telling stories to the patrons as well as the Viscontessa Miranda. After one of these stories the Viscontessa made a remark along the lines that Azure had a tale for every occasion. Azure explained this was probably due to the fact of her copying scrolls from a young age. She suddenly found herself being labeled as a Fable-Teller. 'It suites you', The Viscontessa remarked. To this Azure became speechless.

    I would have to agree with Miranda. For as long as I have known Az she has been entertaining Valorn with her tales.

    If you happen to be lucky enough to find Az while she is not in midst of her duties or helping someone in need perchance she may be able to tell you a tale.

    Some of her works are included in: Stories in Blue
    ~by Narian

    ...the Faithful
    A trustworthy and loyal person steadfast in his beliefs.
  • Korba the Faithful (formerly known as Korba the Lightbearer)

  • ...the Fierce
    One of the four earliest titles that were given. Fierce was given to warriors upon their declaration of profession. The other three are …the Holy, …the Powerful, and …the Sly.
  • Job the Fierce
  • Gayia the Fierce
  • Jacobix the Fierce
  • Mad Mike the Fierce
  • Fingolfin the Fierce
  • Nightowl the Fierce
  • Dread the Fierce
  • (NPC) Sir Thuk the Fierce
  • Columbo the Fierce
  • Pogumni the Fierce
  • Stilgar the Fierce