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...the Dagobert
Dagobert the Dagobert

...the Dainty
Called as such for being a tasty snack.
  • Thorin the Dainty
  • How Thorin Came to be Called Dainty

    This story takes place long ago, a time before the Life Monuments were known and people were reconstituted in the inns.

    One night a young adventurer by the name of Thorin was doing his duty in helping eradicate the problem of the unnatural zombie creatures beneath Dundee. Suddenly a roar broke the groaning and moaning of the zombies. The roar came from somewhere above, loud enough to be heard under the streets. Zombies donít roar so he set off to investigate. He reached the ladder and began to hear the screams of people. This hastened his steps and he hurriedly climbed the rungs to the street above. The streets were awash with people running in all directions. He tried to get information from the running citizens but couldn't nor he needed to for another roar was let out and it came from the direction north of the town centre.

    He worked his way against the flow of people to the centre where he saw a towering beast standing at the edge of the forest. The creature was at least as twice as big as the Town Hall, with hide as black as the darkest night, and razor sharp claws about a foot long. The deafening roar was unmistakable. A terrifying sight indeed.

    Townsfolk littered the streets running in every direction to get away from the creature while brave or foolhardy adventurers rushed in to try to keep the beast at bay. They stood little chance against the beast whoís hide was so thick it seemed too thick to penetrate and its claws were extremely fast, too fat to avoid. Yet they tried their best.

    The creature started to move towards the town centre. This would be horrific if he made it to the town proper. The townsfolk of Dundee would stand no change, it would be a massacre. Wave after wave of adventurers flung themselves in the path of the beast hoping to slow itís progress. But it was a matter of time.

    Standing there in the town square the young Thorin tried to decide what to do. Running, he could do that for he surely would stand no chance against the beast. Attack, trying to due his duty and give the townsfolk a little time though it seemed in vain. tough choice but he drew his sword and followed the adventurers. Not many adventurers were left and they tried to surround the beast. They did their best fighting bravely. Many fell to the speed of the huge claws.

    As the beast looked around Thorin tried to hide his presence from its gaze. It seemed to have worked, or he was just not deemed a worthy threat. Thorin rushed in to one of itís claws trying to find a weak spot. There was none. Tossing aside his shield, Thorin grabbed his sword with both hands and tried to break through the beasts thick hide.

    This caused the beast to become aware of Thorinís presence. Noticing the attempt the beastís claws swung about at such a speed the Thorin would have ended up in the desert or beyond, that is if he had been hit. However in Thorinís attempt to evade those claws he lost his footing. The beast leaned over itís a hot, foul breath encompassed Thorin. The beast raised a claw. This was the final blow Thorin thought, so he closed his eyes as the beastís paw came down.

    Amazingly Thorin still lived. It wasnít the death blow as expected. The beast had another thought in mind. Apparently Thorin smelt like a tasty snack to the beast. While the beast enjoyed his new found snack one of the adventurers that was still standing had found a weak spot in the beasts hide. When the beast realized what had happened it was already to late.

    The remaining adventurers plunged their swords into the beast's paw. The only weapon left to the beast was itís teeth for the creature would loose balance and fall if it used itís remaining paw. Only having its teeth left to attack with, adventurers had little trouble in finishing it off. The beast was slain.

    Thorin felt little of the his final moments but miraculously was reformed in the inn.

    All those involved were honored in one way or another. The local townsfolk made necklaces from the beast's teeth, and gave them to those who killed the beast.
    ~by Narian

    Demon Queller...
    This person helped bring a demon invasion to an end.
  • Demon Queller Ferno Vlade
  • Being Scripted by Narian

    ...the Demon Slayer
    Slew many demons in defense of Valorn.
  • Iron knight Islander the Demon Slayer
  • Long ago, before safer ways were found to Milltown the only ways were from the desert to the north and the forest from the south. Few roamed the lands during this time who had the skill and bravery to defeat the tougher minions of the dark lord. Islander was one of these few.

    It was during these days Milltown had come under attack. This was no probing attack like so many seem these days but the demons have invaded the town proper itself. There were not just a few but waves of them. Islander came to the towns aid. Mustering both his courage and skills he slew the demons until there were none left.

    If that had not been enough he then came upon Balthazar tormenting the towns cleric, Shamson the Holy. While the demons were causing mischief Balthazar was free to roam unchecked. Brief words were spoken and Balthazar vanished after a final taunt. Islander came to the clerics side to make sure he would be alright.

    Either it was High Lord Azeraphel or the High Cleric Elijah, being exhausted from the days events he could not recall who, showed. Islander was able to talk with him for a little while. Thanks were given to Islander for what he had done in Milltown that day before he had to take rest.

    Islander slept for many marcs and when he awoke he found he was bestowed with the title of Demon Slayer. He also found he had an axe of with the same title on his person. He no longer has the axe but that would be another story.
    ~by Narian

    ...of Dundee
    Possibly referring to that he is from the town of Dundee.
  • Ceridwin of Dundee