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the gods
A title showing rank, like the commander of a sea worthy vessel.
  • Captain Eldrin Ivanshine the Magic Pirate

  • ...the Cartoonist
    Makes drawings that have been found to be humorous.
  • Asrai the Cartoonist
  • You may or may not know of the Viscontessa Miranda's growing interest in the mortals of Valorn or her temperament but someone has made an impression on her, a good one.

    Because the Vicountessa found Asrai's drawings humorous she is known as a 'Cartoonist'.
    ~by Narian

    A follower of the gods.
  • (NPC) Cleric Adam of Cory

  • ...the Compassionate
    This is a person who has shown the capacity to show sympathy for others and a willingness to help.
  • Shannara the Compassionate

  • Constable...
    Authority in Valorn.
  • (NPC) Constable Ryles

  • ...of Cory
    Belonging to the god Cory.
  • (NPC) Cleric Adam of Cory