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the gods
...the Beast Slayer
  • Temple Guardian Lyndhen the Beast Slayer

  • Bearded...
    Known for his facial hair, perchance there be more.
  • Bearded Wyf Broadskull
  • It seems more of an obvious observation in his appearance rather than a title as such. For one of the first things you will notice of this one-eyed warrior is the long beard that flows down to his waist.

    It is uncertain upon why the gods graced him with being called ‘Bearded’. Perchance it was because he always heeded the gods when addressed.

    Whatever the reasoning behind the title it is always a wise thing to listen to when a god has something to say.
    ~ by Narian

    ...the Benevolent
    A good, kind, charitable person.
  • Hentz the Benevolent
  • Katreenah Purless the Benevolent

  • ...the Boisterous
    Someone who is filled with enthusiasm and energy.
  • Harmonia the Boisterous

  • ...the Bunny Slayer
  • Rhun the Bunny Slayer