The Gods

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the gods
Here is a listing of the gods of Trinald.
They are arranged by character number, where known, and any titles are not seperated nor are definitions given.
  • Viscontessa Miranda of Admin
  • Primum Mobile Cory of Admin
  • Devora Jane of Admin
  • Lord Worldbuilder Ben of Admin
  • Selene of Admin
  • Hep Demiurge Xia of Admin
  • Aestheticus Carol of Admin
  • Venom (admin) the Powerful
  • Aegwen (Admin)
  • Mike (Admin) The Fierce
  • Joe of Admin
  • The Light Bringer Darren of Admin
  • The Radiant Julia of Admin
  • Leult Natasha of Admin
  • Nanjoel (Admin)
  • James of Admin