The Tome of Entitlement

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It is most likely you have come across a person in Trinald bearing a title. Ever wonder about those titles?

When I first trod the ground of this land it got me to wondering.
I began to make a collection of titles and some of the stories behind them. When gathered together the collection became known as the Tome of Entitlement.

The title of the Tome is sort of a play on words, for no one is entitled to bear a title. Titles are extremely rare and cannot be earned but are gifted and only given after much thought and for good reason. Some however are given out because of something infamous and usually are temporary. Making most an honor to bear, but not all.
Types of Titles

There are numerous types of titles there are the Common Titles, Temporary Titles, Static, but the easiest way to describe them are Pre... / ...Post .

Common Titles These are ones that are seen most often and are not gifted (Such being: Lady.. , Lord..., The Noble...). There are exceptions. In earlier times there were four titles given out upon reception of a profession (... the Fierce, ...the Holy, ...the Powerful, ...the Sly). They may not seem as common now but I tend to put them in this category due to how they were gained.
Temporary Titles though all titles can fall into this category, since none are permanent, these titles are mainly those titles given for a short time. These are usually infamous, but not all. For that reason they are not listed, unless permission is given.
Static They refer to NPCs that don't move. They may be included in the future but for now I am trying to gather the ones for those with character numbers.
Pre... / ...Post Titles It is kind of obvious before the name and after the name. Some people have both but they are listed one at a time.


Arrangement It does not matter if the title is Pre... or ...Post they are arranged alphabetically. The characters below the title are listed by character number, if known, smallest to highest.
Links There are a few links to Various places in the stories but if the character number is known the name of the title bearer will link to them in Dark Grimoire.
_del If a person went _del in Dark Grimoire then the title(s) will appear red.
Stories Most of these stories come first hand from the bearer of the title. Some contain links. It is best to get the permission of the bearer before posting.


Bebhinn / Ellyana Lilli / Narian


There are many people and sources that have contributed to creating the Tome. Some are listed here.
~ Anyone who had done research into finding the titles...
~ All guilds that shared their records...
~ Everyone who shared the story on their title...
~ Those who wrote in the tome...
~ People who have given direction toward titles, Hojo, Azure, Purazon to name a few...
~ The works by Urkki, Remy, Azure, and others known as Lineages...
~ Dark Grimoire itself...
~ Ixon and Purazon for bringing together the museum and RoK library...
~ Purazon for his work in designing the view of the tome...

If you are the bearer, know of a title, or have a story that does not appear and wish to contribute it then you may contact me, Narian, at the Learned's guild forum or in game. If submitting a story remember they are to be done as not to infringe on any rules or copyright.